Moderazione Coima

27 April 2022 - Nico
How does cap rates of 3,0% correlate to 10 year italy bonds of 2,5%? The spread is not reflacting the risk premium
27 April 2022 - Philippe Wanner Pictet Alternative Advisors
Logistics rental growth: The lack of rent growth over the last year is due to continuous new supply or regulations?
27 April 2022 - Anne Rubinstein Head of RE business development
What do you consider as the main upside of investing in Italian logistics market over the next years?
27 April 2022 - Philippe Wanner Pictet Alternative Advisors
Is the increase of residential transactions driven by specific sub-sectors (for-sale projects, for-rent projects, etc...) ?
27 April 2022 - Wang Xi RE asset management
Do you expect rental growth in office market to continue in Rome and Milan going forward, in which submarkets?
27 April 2022 - Micaela Carbone ESG consultant, investment manager
ESG is becoming more and more important. How do you incorporate ESG analysis in your investment valuation?
27 April 2022 - Carol Whiterspoon Investment manager
What impact do you believe there will be on real estate investment volumes due to uncertainty related to geopolitical situation?