Moderazione Coima

21 July 2022 - Marta Vignoli Investment
Corporate tenants in the office sector have showed an increasing focus on ESG, do you expect tenants to become more selective also in other asset classes? Even logistics?
21 July 2022 - Michele Randazzo Real Estate Investment
Do you expect cap rate expansion in the coming months? If so, will it be generalized or heterogeneus for different asset classes?
21 July 2022 - marco luraschi ilQI
Outside Milan and Rome where do you see more opportunities?
21 July 2022 -
Don't you expect a halt in foreign capital inflow to real estate in light of the current environment (incl. political crisis)? and in terms of residential, both in absolute and relative terms, isn't the PRS residential sector mispriced on a risk adjusted basis in Italy?
21 July 2022 - Andrea Sperelli Analyst
Dont' you feel that the end of expansionary monetary policy and the likely outflow of liquidity from the market might represent a significant threat for alternative investments such as real estate, as institutional investors shall likely revert to seek returns from asset class perceived as less risky, such as bonds?
21 July 2022 - Gregg O\'Brian Asset Management
What kind of investments do you expect will be more resilient in the current market environment?
21 July 2022 - Laura Cavestri Il Sole 24Ore
The fall of Draghi administration (in conjunction with stagflation, higher rates, energy costs and supply chain) how do you think will impact on RE investments volumes in Italy? A slowdown? A stop? And which sectors will be more hit? What impact will the situation have on Coima strategies in Italy?