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07 July 2021 - Nancy
Is there any rules of currency exchange from China? Would there any anyone in your office or your partners help with currency transfer, especially from China?
07 July 2021 - Nancy
How much are local property purchases taxes? Is there any HOA (Home Owners’ Association)?
07 July 2021 - Nancy
If we are not in Italy, would you help with a plan for renting, maintenance, exit strategy afterwards?
07 July 2021 - Nancy Ts
Dude to the current climate, would it affect in the future in terms of economic development and property market?
07 July 2021 - Nancy
May I ask is Italy part of the golden visa program? How does it work?
07 July 2021 - Eric lu
how is the annual maintenance fee for the vertical tree tower is like? thank you
07 July 2021 - Eric lu
1. what are the price per square meter? 2. what is the rental market is like in the area? 3. what is the rental yield? thank you
07 July 2021 - name surname company
try message
28 June 2021 - Eve Li East Meets West Club